Ala Adn Azhar


Ala Adn Azhar is a half-moon elf. Her human half gives her a darker complexion than her moon elf kin. Her demeanor is dark and there is an eeriness to the shadows around her.

The half-elf is 5’7", lithe, and has long dark hair. She is typically wearing fine noble clothes, over top of which she wears her chain armour. She carries the shield of her house of Azhar, the fallen holy family of Nimbral.

Ala Adn Azhar has a scar on her lip and a stylized eye patch.


House Azhar was first to the crescent throne of the moon Elven theocracy on the island of Nimbral. For generations they ruled the island nation until a revolution occurred following the death of their matron diety, Leira during the Time of Troubles.

In 1359 DR, the Nimbral holy family was murdered by revolutionaries – self appointed Nimbral Lords. Ala Adn Azhar alone survived the razing of her house, having escaped due to the heroic last efforts of her mother, the High Priestess.

Stowing away aboard a merchant ship, the young girl hid in the bowels of the cruiser as it made its way across the Trackless Sea towards the Sword Coast. This sudden orphan seethed with rage and desperately wanted vengeance for the loss.

It was then, when her world was darkest, that a power beyond memory introduced herself: the Mother of Shadow. The pair struck a pact, a partnership and commitment to take revenge on their respective enemies. In promise of bond to one another, her matron bestowed Ala Adn Azhar with unfathomable power. In return, Ala Adn Azhar cut her own eye out and gave it to the Mother of Shadow as a promise of her fealty

Ala Adn Azhar will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals and the goals of her sponsor.

The Mother dispatched the warlock to the small rural county of Red Larch to investigate a circle of druids known as the Scarlet Moon and their rite of the wicker giant.

Upon arriving in the town, Azhar befriended Davkas and Rowan and together uncovered a secret cabal calling themselves ‘ the believers’ operating in Dwarven ruins beneath the county. They rescued a child, Braelen Hatherhand from this tomb and after dispatching bandits wearing a strange triangle sigil, arrested an old man named Barraston and delivered him to the constable. Braelen has been kept safe and resides at Kaylessa Irkell’s inn, where the party rests.

The following day, Ala Adn Azhar, Davkas, and Rowan decided to head south west to investigate Kaylessa’s feeling of woe. What they found at Lance Rock was a necromancer, raising the dead. After fighting off skeletons and zombies, and baring witness to strange and absurd zombie theatrical drama, the party caught up with the necromancer, a man who had clearly gone mad. He was raving about the impending doom brought on by something he called “The Eye”. Ala Adn Azhar showed him her eye in response.

Afterwards, the party made their way over to a cave to the east. Nahaeliya Drouth of the Zhentarim had mentioned a young girl said she saw a ghost there. The party investigated and discovered a crypt and a ghost guard. After a peaceful discussion with the guard, the party left. However it was an ambush and two brigands: a goblin and her half-ogre ally attempted to rob the group. Ala Adn Azhar negotiated a business arrangement with the goblin: in exchange for 2 chickens every tenday and 50% of the treasure, the group would work together to defeat the ghost and raid the tomb. Their business arrangement would continue in future as Ala Adn Azhar would call upon them for assistance with handling a cult of druids in the area she was investigating: the Circle of the Scarlet Moon.

They dispatched the apparition and raided the crypt – the final resting place of a man who appears to have lost his spouse. Treasure included two rings, one of which Davkas took, the other the goblin took. Now they are married. A locket was also taken and pocketed by Davkas before anyone could see.

Seeing their alliance as mutually beneficial, Ala Adn Azhar recommended her new friends take up residence in the now vacant crypt, much to their delight. She negotiated with Harburk Tuthmarillar to have the chickens and bread delivered to the cave every tenday. After interrogating Grund, she decided that he should join the misfits in the cave and so arranged to have the half-orc deliver the supplies to the cave with trustee escort.

With Davkas and Rowan, Ala Adn Azhar headed north into the Sumber Hills in search of believers who Grund identified as having been participant in the murder of people in their lair. They were able to capture one of them and deliver her to a homestead before heading back into the hills on their way to Beliard.

As night loomed, the party decided to take solace at Feathergale Spire, where they were greeted by the a band of sky-riding kngihts. After a feast, Ala Adn Azhar joined the society on a hunt. Atop a Hippogryph, she slew a Manticore and gained a trophy in the form of a Featergale signet ring. Ala Adn Azhar reminisced about stories her Father would tell of his time as a Griffon rider.

The next day, she and the others were ambushed on the Red Larch path. Bandits had positions on the hills and rained arrows down, reavers attacked with shark-tooth swords, and a sorceress bombarded Ala Adn Azhar and Rowan with spells.

After a hard-fought battle, the bandits and reavers were dispatched. Ala Adn Azhar spared one bandit so he could talk, and then intimidated him into working for her for the time being. The sorceress was killed and then brought back, shackled and interrogated. She proved unwilling to share much information. Ala Adn Azhar theorizes her tongue will loosen once she’s starved of water and food for several days.

The bandit was named Ogden. He indicated that the ambush was a planned attack and there were several groups of bandits dispatched from Riverguard Keep to hunt down and murder the party. With Ogden, the party traveled through Beliard and south to the site of the ambush of a political envoy from a major city. There they confirmed the attack was coordinated by the same organization taking up in the Riverguard keep.

After an eaerthquake, Ala Adn Azhar and the others had to fend off a number of grotesque ankhegs. Afterwards, they decided to head back North to Beliard and charter passage on a riverboat South down the Dessarin to the Riverguard Keep where they would confront those who would order the assassination of the heir to the crescent throne.

When they reached Beliard, Ogden had disappeared. He apparently did not wish to return to Riverguard Keep as a traitor. Ala Adn Azhar and the others searched for information about the keep and for a merchant willing to charter them south through the river.

Kildaran accepted their offer to drop them off at Riverguard Keep, remain nearby, and then take them further South to Womford. During their trek down the Dessarin, the party was attacked by Merrow. They attempted to pull Ala Adn into the water, but failed. During the struggle, Davkas fell under the water. Ala Adn Azhar rescued her comrade, who landed the final blow on the last of the Merrow.

Under cover of darkness, the party snuck into Riverguard Keep by water undetected. Davkas and Rowan headed to the nearest tower, while Ala Adn Azhar set fire to the large ship docked there to create a distraction. She was spotted, however, and the alarm was raised. Joining the others, she stormed up the stairs and together the party dispatched all mercenaries that stood in their way to the gate tower.

From there, Rowan barricaded the way behind them and Ala Adn Azhar raised the gate and lowered the water chain, hoping to fool the bandits into thinking an invading army force was approaching. Afterwards, she set fire to the gate tower and the party made their way across the next wall, fighting their way to the keep.

Ala Adn set fire to the door that barred their passage into the keep and the party held off more shark-tooth wielding reavers until the door was weakened enough that a blast from Ala Adn Azhar’s eye was enough to destroy it. She charged into the room and with Davkas, dispatched the guards inside.

They continued their way through the keep, ambushing a water snake and several reavers inside. During the fight, Ala Adn Azhar narrowly defeated the water snake, who was revealed to be a middle-aged woman after having been defeated. They bound and gagged her unconscious form, placed her in a boat that they discovered through a secret passage, and discussed who worked here and plans to leave with several cooks.

Barricading themselves in the keep, Davkas called for Rashe to come speak to them alone. Together they negotiated a truce, with Rashe aiming the party towards Earth and Fire cults to attack them in exchange for safe passage out. Ala Adn Azhar called for Jolivar Grimjaw to meet them at the tomb south of Red Larch in a tenday.

They returned to the river boat and traveled south to Womford, where they stopped briefly but had no new leads on cultist activity, except to say that Womford was a port from which supplies were being distributed to Riverguard Keep.

They returned to Red Larch with some of the rescued women from Redguard Keep for a well deserved rest.

Ala Adn Azhar

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