Braelen Hatherhand


A young, brown-haired boy of about eleven. He’s skittish, with fearful blue eyes.


Braelan is the son of Rotharr Hatherhand, a local farmer. His father is a Believer. The party met Braelan in the Tomb of Moving Stones beneath Red Larch.

They found Braelan pinned under heavy stones, face down, hungry and dehydrated but alive. He stated that his father did this to him to punish him for failing to deliver a message to Ilmeth Waelvur, and he seemed to believe that the punishment fit the crime.

Rowan and Davkas treated him kindly and he willingly shared what he knew about the Believers, but he is scared that his father will seek greater retribution given his truncated punishment. They left him at the Swinging Sword under Kaylessa’s watchful eye.

Braelen Hatherhand

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