Davkas Thundersoul


Davkos could be mistaken for a human in dim light, although is bluish-white hair and slightly purple skin quickly betray his otherworldly parentage. His luscious, flowing hair endlessly tousles in the light, refreshing breeze that cocoons him, whether outside or in.

Growing up on a pirate ship, the 6’ tall teenager has become accustomed to wearing loose breeches that tapered off at the knees, and while going barefoot on deck to combat the treachery of sea-soaked wood, on dry land he prefers silver trimmed, suede slippers. His shirts are always left unbuttoned, fastened only at the waist by a red silk sash, embroidered with silver thread. As a result of the constant breeze, his toned, hairless chest is forever exposed to the world, as his shirt struggle to fly freely.

Life at sea has suited Dav perfectly. His relishes the freedom of the waves undulating beneath his feet, and winds roaring all around him, and feels a certain pity for those who are shackled to the stability of land. He’s motivated by his own amusement, and quickly becomes disinterested in anything that does not involve testing his own limits.


The crew of the Brave Cephalopod celebrated weathering one of the most violent storms they’d experienced since they disembarked from Luskan 3 months earlier. In the midst of their revelry, the cries of a newborn child went almost unnoticed. The purple infant was noticed; however, and as no one on board could account for where this child came from, the crew decided to raise him as one. The ship’s captain, Malvina Drake, named him Davkas and added his care to the duty roster.

Over the next 15 years Dav learned the ins and outs of every aspect of piracy, from scrubbing the deck, to disemboweling resisting sailors with a scimitar. He committed to every task with a great deal of enthusiasm, although he took every chance he could get to climb (almost fly) into the crows-nest and survey the endless seas for threats, victims, or land. It was clear to everyone that Davkas was not quite human though. Aside from his unusual physique, he had a habit of floating several feet in the air when excited, and when he was reckless, a simple gesture would summon a deafening thunderous crash that knocked everyone close by off their feet.

Mere weeks before his 16th birthday the Brave Cephalopod found itself in another violent storm. Unfortunately, the crew were unable to keep the ship from breaking apart, and everyone was thrown into the sea. Dav searched the water frantically for any survivors, but the storm was so powerful, he couldn’t see more than two feet in front of him. With nothing left to do, he dove under the waves, and began to swim for shore, heartbroken with the knowledge that no one else could survive this catastrophe like he could. His last memory of the only life he knew was of the Brave Cephalopod’s figurehead, a carving of a nude man with a majestic octopus for a head, slowly sinking into the oblivion of the sea, as his glorious hair swayed with the currents.

Davkas Thundersoul

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