Gaelkur Marlandro


Though he certainly looks rough around the edges, there’s a brightness to Gaelkur’s eye and a sharpness to his tongue. His fingers are slender and nimble and he has an open, if unassuming way about him.


Gaelkur’s eponymous business is a combination used goods and barber shop. He is an excellent source for local gossip, as many of the townsfolk come here as often as the Helm to swap news and stories. Most know that he used to be a jeweler’s assistant in Baldur’s Gate and he has done fine engravings for some of the townsfolk. He’s also an excellent barber.

Braelan Hatherhand claimed he was one of the Believers. When the party confronted him, he admitted to it but denied knowledge of recent events in the tomb.

Gaelkur Marlandro

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