Justran Daehl


Now in his late middle-ages, Justran is quite pale due to the amount of time he spends lurking in the Helm’s cellars. He wears plain dark clothing at all times.


Justran co-owns the Helm at Highsun, a tavern in Red Larch. He is the tavern’s cellarer, so most of his days are spent brewing the variety of meads, ciders, and liquors served at the Helm.

Ala Adn Azhar asked him about the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, and he was happy to inform her of Scarlet Moon Hall out in the Sumber Hills. He said that there were many pilgrims camping on the hill below it. However, when Davkas inquired about Gar Shatterkeel, Justran quickly extricated himself from the conversation. He insisted he had never heard the name, but he was clearly lying.

According to Stanna, when he’s in a bad mood he yells at the staff and takes their tips.

Justran Daehl

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