Kaylessa Irkell


A pale, blonde woman with an easy smile and a confident air. She is of above average height, and while she clearly puts some effort into her looks, her hands are worn and calloused from years of hard work.


Kaylessa is of Illuskan heritage. She owns and operates the Swinging Sword, the only inn in Red Larch. She treats her staff fairly and pays them well, and expects them to work hard for her in return.

Increasingly concerned by the strange weather and other unexplained happenings, Kaylessa has been asking any adventurers passing through for aid. She told Davkas and Ala Adn that she has a gut feeling that something is deeply wrong at Lance Rock. She also promised to pay attention for any news of Gar Shatterkeel. The party is currently taking room and board at her inn.

Kaylessa Irkell

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