A short, greenish-brown goblin with pale yellow eyes. She has a shrill voice and a terrifyingly wide grin.


Mougra ambushed the party as they were leaving a haunted tomb southwest of Red Larch. She works with a half-ogre named Greeraugh. They tried to convince Ala Adn Azhar, Davkas, and Rowan, to give them all of their money in order to leave alive.

Ala Adn Azhar was able to convince Mougra that there was more to gain by working together. The five of them defeated the ghost in the tomb, and Davkas told Mougra that the only treasure to be found was a matching set of gold and electrum rings. After selecting the one she wanted, she handed the other back and informed him that they are now married. Time will tell if she was serious.

Mougra and Greeraugh plan to move into the haunted tomb, where they can receive deliveries of fresh bread and two chickens every tendays in exchange for their ongoing alliance with the party.


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