Nahaeliya Drouth


A thin, energetic woman with a deeper skin tone than many of her neighbors.


Nahaeliya inherited the bakery from her parents, who have since retired to Yartar. She runs the business herself and has no other family in Red Larch.

Her entire family aligns itself with the Zhentarim, and she serves as a watcher and informant for the faction here in town. She freely provides information and no-questions-asked aid to any who identify themselves as fellow Zhentarim.

Both Davkas and Ala Adn Azhar made Drouth’s Bakery their first stop upon arriving in Red Larch. She couldn’t speak to either of their personal quests, but she promised to send birds to her contacts in the surrounding countryside on their behalf. She let them know where to find meals and shelter.

Nahaeliya is concerned about the weather in the region. Additionally, she heard that Minthra Mhandyver’s granddaughter saw a ghost out in the countryside and passed that on to the party.

Nahaeliya Drouth

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