Rowan Dundragon


A fit and sturdy woman of average height, Rowan’s soft voice and withdrawn demeanor nevertheless cause her to come across as shy or socially awkward. Her long, thick brown hair is bound in a braid down her back, and her dark eyes tend to flit quickly away from others’ faces.

When adventuring, she wears gleaming scale mail emblazoned with the brilliant sun-and-road motif of Lathander. Her shield bears the same sigil, and she carries both a mace and a crossbow. Out of her armor she tends to dress plainly, favouring muted shades of blue or green. She is never without the heavy ring she wears on her right ring finger: a brilliant gemstone that shifts from red to orange to yellow, set in a dull iron band.


Born and raised in Waterdeep, Rowan’s devout parents sent her to the temple of Lathander as a child. She took to her new surroundings like a fish to water, and by the time she entered her early teens she knew she would devote her life to the god of renewal. To this day she maintains a positive relationship with her mother and father, even if they are not particularly close; she bears them no ill will for setting her on this joyful path.

Now in her late twenties, Rowan has been sent farther and farther afield. She arrived in Red Larch a few days before Davkas and Ala Adn Azhar, taking a private room at the Swinging Sword and immediately setting to work. Her task is to investigate the mysterious weather patterns that threaten the small town’s safety and livelihood. She has already begun to introduce herself to the townsfolk, although as an outsider she is not especially close to any of them.

Rowan tends to be socially reserved and easily flustered, but she is selfless and fearless when it comes time to stand between danger and innocent people. She is a competent healer and fighter, if somewhat untried due to her relative youth. By her own admission, she has not seen much of the world first-hand, so meeting a genasi and an elf from a faraway island is very exciting even if she is too polite to ask prying questions.

Rowan Dundragon

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