Stanna Thistlehair


Stanna’s stature and dexterity make her an ideal server at the Helm, because she can duck and dodge around the drunks while carrying trays of alcohol with ease. She often has a tired pull to her face, but she can always find a smile and a sparkle in her dark eyes for a friendly new customer.


Stanna works as a server at the Helm at Highsun.

For one gold piece, she shared a rumour with Ala Adn Azhar and Davkas. Her cousin works for Ilmeth Waelvur, one of the wagonmakers in town. This cousin claimed to have seen Ilmeth and some masked, hooded people coming and going from a secret tunnel behind Waelvur’s Wagonworks. Upon investigation, this rumour turned out to be true; the party discovered the Believers’ tomb behind a false cellar door in the wagonyard.

Stanna Thistlehair

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