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  • Amphail

    Amphail is a town on the Long Road, about three days' ride north of Waterdeep and four days' ride south of [[Red Larch]]. Many rich Waterdhavians maintain country estates here, and the town is known for breeding and training fine horses. Its most …

  • Beliard

    [[File:627737 | class=media-item-align-center | beliard.jpg]] Beliard is a tree-filled village that lies northeast of [[Red Larch]], on the other side of the Sumber Hills. It sprouted up where the Dessarin Road meets the Stone Trail. This is one of …

  • Triboar

    Triboar sits at the intersection of the Long Road and Evermoor Way, one of the northernmost towns in the Dessarin Valley. It's an important horse market, and it is also an excellent place to find a guide to help one navigate the valley if you have the …

  • Womford

    Two days' ride southeast of [[Red Larch]], down the Cairn Road, Womford is primarily known for grain and river shipments. It is a tiny settlement that features a large grist mill and a dock on the Dessarin River.

  • Red Larch

    [[File:627738 | class=media-item-align-center | red_larch.jpg]] Red Larch is a small town on the Long Road, several days' travel north of Waterdeep. It has been an important stop for traders for about two centuries. There are marble quarries to the …

  • Yartar

    A fortified city in the northernmost region of the Dessarin Valley, Yartar can be found on the Evermoor Way, looming over the bridge that spans the River Surbrin. It is the largest settlement in the valley.