Ala Adn Azhar, Davkas Thundersoul, and Rowan Dundragon uncovered the Believers in Red Larch.

They maintain a secret meeting site, the Tomb of Moving Stones, beneath the town. It is accessible via a false cellar door behind Waelvur’s Wagonworks. When the party descended into it, they found Braelen Hatherhand pinned under heavy rocks. Braelen told them that his father Rotharr had placed him there as punishment for failing to deliver a letter to Ilmeth Waelvur.

The Believers are made up of a dozen or so prominent members of Red Larch. This secret society works together to make decisions about the town’s future, in order to keep it safe and prosperous. They believe that the stones in the tomb move when they aren’t watching and they meet to review the changes and discuss their meaning.

The following townspeople are known Believers: Ilmeth Waelvur, Gaelkur Marlandro, Braelen’s father Rotharr Hatherhand, and a retired carpenter named Baragustas Harbuckler.

The party met Baragustas deeper inside the tomb. He begged for his life and confirmed much of what Braelen had told them, but insisted he didn’t know anything about the dead bodies they had found elsewhere in the tomb. He was terrified to enter the Room of Moving Stones with them.

Inside the final room, the party had a brief, magical skirmish with a hooded figure. When they quickly proved competent, their assailant fled through a secret tunnel and collapsed the ceiling behind them.


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