Red Larch


Red Larch is a small town on the Long Road, several days’ travel north of Waterdeep. It has been an important stop for traders for about two centuries. There are marble quarries to the north, and a drinkable spring inside the town’s borders for watering horses and oxen.

The town is relatively prosperous, although the strange weather has given the townsfolk some cause for alarm. Subsistence farmers are worried for their crops, and local tradesmen and business owners are worried that poor weather will mean fewer travelers and caravans braving the trek to the north. Additionally, there are many secrets and tensions bubbling just below the surface, as new powers move into place in the region and old local rivalries come to a head.

Key Locations
The Swinging Sword, Red Larch’s only inn
The Helm at Highsun, the local tavern
Allfaiths Shrine
Drouth’s Bakery
Jalessa’s Butchery, which doubles as a home base for the local constabulary
Waelvur’s Wagonworks
The Tomb of Moving Stones

Local Factions

Red Larch

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